Current exhibitions

Schloss Köpenick
RoomArt, furniture and decorative art from the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo

At Köpenick Palace, reopened in May 2004 after basic restoration works, a new museum concept is...

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Past exhibitions

Schloss Köpenick
War Court in Köpenick!
Anno 1730: Crown Prince-Katte-Order of the King

In 1730 the Prussian king and his eldest son had become so estranged from each other that the Crown...

Olaf Haacke
Halsschmuck, 1997
Gold, Eisen

Schloss Köpenick
Metal - Art - Craft
Contemporary Works by Four Berlin Artists

What the internationally known artists Olaf Haacke (* 1951), Lutz Holland (* 1934), Rüdiger Roehl...

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