Children and families

Visitors can embark on an art safari through Africa in the museums of Dahlem, set out on a voyage of discovery through the Middle East at the Museum of Islamic Art, follow in the footsteps of the pharaohs at the Neues Museum, or attend a young art lovers’ meeting at the Gemäldegalerie’s Kinder-Reich. Many of the museums offer regular tours, workshops, games, and other creative events specifically designed for children and families. The engaging variety of programmes makes the museums places where visitors of all ages can discover and learn something new.

When children have a week off from school, they can spend their entire holiday in the museum. Children can also take courses and even celebrate their birthdays in the museum. All these activities unite creative design, learning, and experimentation in children with exciting facts and exhibition ideas in the museum.

Events for children give them a chance to explore the museums’ exhibitions with others from their age group. Family events are designed to bring children and adults together in an active journey through the collections.

The newsletter ‘Freie Zeit’ (LINK) provides current information about SMB programming events for children and families. It is available upon request.

Museum admission is free for children and teenagers up to 18 years of age

The SMB Children’s Academy introduces children of primary-school age to the fascinating and versatile world of museums. Through the academy, children learn intriguing new facts about arts and cultures from several millennia of human history.In courses on selected topics in art and cultural history, children visit various collections, meet behind-the-scenes experts, go on excursions, and take part in creative projects.These courses coincide with a normal school semester and consist of 13 weekly sessions, each lasting 90 minutes. 

More information is available on the Children’s Academy website