About us

The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (National Museums in Berlin), housed in historical buildings, constitute a Universal Museum for the preservation, research and mediation of treasures of art and culture of the entire history of humanity. Their collections embrace the areas of European and extra- European art, archaeology and ethnology.

The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, the origins of which lie in the foundation of the Royal Museum through Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia, belong to the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz. Further members of the Foundation are the State Library, the State Archive, the Ibero-American Institute and the State Institute for Music Research with the Museum of Musical Instruments. Supported collectively by the German government and the federal states, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin regard themselves as a national institution of cultural federalism in Germany. They can be found at five locations in Berlin: Museum Island Berlin / Mitte, Kulturforum, Tiergarten, Charlottenburg, Dahlem and Köpenick.

History of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin